Need help recovering from bios upgrade.

I have an Intel D865PERL MB and i flashed the bios using Intel's express package. After flashing the bios, the bios password was enabled. A search of the site showed me how to reset the bios passwords. I moved the configuration jumper over, reset, and replaced the jumper in the normal position.

NOW the bios doesn't recognize the hard drives! I cannot set the IDE drives up in the bios as those settings are greyed out. Any idea how to recover from this?

Of course this is bad timing for me and I need the computer back up.

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  1. The two most likely problems are, you somehow jarred the ide cable loose, or the new bios is set to no ide by default. Since I dont know your new bios, you will have to go through it to find where it says ide dissabled, and clikc it to change it back. First though, make sure the ide cable is securely installed (make sure there is no power to the mobo first. Making contact while the board is plugged in may damage drive or controller.)
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