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BSOD on Win7 x64 Build 7100

Hi All,

I've recently replaced my Win7 (7100) x32 with the x64 version in order to make use of more memory (not yet installed). However, although the rig I'm using had no problems in x32, it keeps BSODing in x64. Are there any commonly known reasons for BSODs in x64 when not in x32?

I have all drivers installed, updated and seemingly working. I get a BSOD within about 20 mins of booting usually. No temp issues with CPU - all under 30 idle and BSOD isn't necessarily when the CPU is stressed.

Quad Core 2.4 Q6600
Asus P5K Mobo
Asus 8800GTX
2*1Gb Corsair XMS2

Any help/advice appreciated.
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    I can't diagnose your BSOD. But I would say: go to the final version of Win7. Build 7100 is the RC. That's a testing build, so you can't expect it to be bug-free. It will start shutting don automatically every two hours in less than four months, anyway. You did say "any advice"! :D
  2. I agree with Bolbi. Go out and get the final version of 7.
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