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Comments on this "sweet spot" $2000 new build.

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November 13, 2005 2:49:48 PM

Hey there folks,

Looking for some feedback on this new PC. Had a budget of approx. $2000 - $2500 and wanted the best gaming performance I could get out of every dollar. Interested in stock performance on air cooling. How did I do. Any suggestions???


The Build:

COOLER MASTER Wave Master TAC-T01-E1C Silver $130

Power Supply
Tagan TG480-U22 $91

AMD Athlon 64 4000+ $334

ASUS A8N5X $92

(2x1GB) OCZ $256

Video Card
eVGA Geforce 7800GTX $559

Optical Drive 1
Plextor PX-716SA $143

Optical Drive 2
ASUS Black 16X DVD-ROM $24

Hard Drive
Seagate 7200.9 160GB $92

U.S. Robotics USR5610B 56Kbps PCI $65

Floppy $10

Sound Card
Creative X-Fi $118

Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Speaker $150

Windows XP Pro SP2 Retail $209

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November 13, 2005 5:29:23 PM

the only two things i dont personally like are the Xfi sound card. Unless it has a feature you have to have save some money, i like the turtle beach CATALINA

Also get the Z5500's you can get them for $220 and they are better then those 2.1 pro media. they are as good as the 5.1's form Klipsch that are 400bucks.

Other thent that....perfect
November 13, 2005 6:04:01 PM

Thanks for the input. Those speakers sure sound good - and for the money, I've got to give them a try!

Will this system be cool enough? I love the look of that ZalmanCNPS9500 and the reviews on it are great. However, believe in being a "minimalist' to keep the airflow through the case at the max. The Wavemaster is only a mid-tower afterall.
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November 14, 2005 1:39:57 AM

unless you are going to OC your dont need a cooler on it. the stock coolers for AMD are very good.

I would say 1 120mm in the front and 1 120mm in the rear would be good enough....
try these CLICKY

It is a beast will do 100+ cfm, but it comes with a fan controller so you can turn it down. You can set it at a low setting and i fyou notice your system warming up durring gameplay to higher levels then you want....just give the fans some boost from 25%-50%. The sound should remain decent till you get to around 80% speed.
November 14, 2005 4:55:01 PM

Thanks for the "fine-tunage" suggestions! Got one of those fans, an 80mm to 120mm conversion bracket and a matching side panel window for the old Wavemaster. Placing my NewEgg order Friday!

November 16, 2005 4:08:23 PM

Take a look at the Enermax 535W Whisper II model EG565P. Costs less and is a great PSU for that price.

I'd get a case with 120MM fan brackets rather than putting in a conversion bracket. The case itself will restrict the airflow and cause more noise in the long run.

Not a huge fan of that mobo...why not a Epox Ep-9NPA+ Ultra or Abit AN8 Ultra?

You're on dialup internet?! Any online gaming? If yes to both, then I'm sorry and I'd go broadband before computer upgrade...