Riva tuner core clock warning...

Have a msi nx6600le 256mb oc core 380 (was 300) mem 533 (was 500)
unlocked the pipes 8x1,3vp core nv43 a4
has big 'whole card heatsink' and i added a old p3(4800 Rpm) fan to it.

Mem clock seem to be maxout ..artifacts fires up over this.
(ddr1 is cheap but ...did not expected more...)

Core clock is stable at 380 but rivatuner warn's with a '!'
is that to be taken seriously or can i push more without danger of roasting the core..... seems like some nv43 have core freq of 500.

I don't think they made a special 'le' core ?
How can they control the performance of the core ?
Do they starve it of voltage so the amp and the heat goes up ?
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  1. Lol, no the warning is just bullshit(to me :D ) when you see lockups and articfacts in your games thhhaaattttsss when you lower the core or mem not when some stupid program tells you to! so up the freq by 5 then test it in a game rinse and repeat and you will have a more precise outcome. Thank You
  2. Thank you for the confirmation.

    Ok i got it on last night...results :

    Software mod with rivatuner nvstrap 'thing' to reg 6600 (was 6600le)
    unlocked the pipes 8x1,3vp core nv43 a4 (was 4x1,3vp)
    was able to clock mem at 555 (was 500)and core to 400 (was 300)
    changed the fan for for a 3' insted (it has lowered my overall sys temp !)

    tested it with halo/doom 3 no artifacts for now...
    i will try to push the core again tonight.....maybe i'll get to 500 8O

    Update : 17/11/2005 Got to 455 (core was 300)
    Seems like no heat at all the heat sink and the back of the card are
    is still cold to the touch....
  3. Quote:
    Have a msi nx6600le 256mb oc core 380 (was 300) mem 533 (was 500)
    unlocked the pipes 8x1,3vp core nv43 a4

    How did you unlock the card? I know the revision a4 cards are hardmodded, and I havent found a solution yet.
  4. I just turned them on with riva tuner.


    follow the instructions 8) enable the disabled pixel units :twisted:

  5. when you open rivatuner, does it say (A4,4x1,3vp) or (A4,8x1,3vp)? If the first page says (A4,4x1,3vp), then your pipelines are still locked. Unlocking with rivatuner shouldnt work because the A4 cores are hardlocked, i've tried just about everything to unlock mine. If your card unlocks, there might be hope.
  6. Yes it shows 8x1,3vp core nv43 a4

    the pixel unit was masked i enabled it by checkmarking it
    as in the second link i posted in my previous message.

    it was 4x1,3vp before the mod.

    I heard that mfg now cut the pipes with lasers to prevent unlocking.
    I bought my card early so maybe i was lucky.

    i got 2172 3dmark05 with it.


    btw my card is a non sli edition and came without software bundle.
    MSI® NX6600LE TD256E nVIDIA® GeForce 6600 PCI-Express 256 Mo DDR 1*15 pins+1 DVI-I NON-SLI
    may be it was a special edition or a slight defect version. :?:
  7. You must of gotten lucky, you need to OC that thing, you should be getting upwards of 4000 in 3dmark05 if you max out your clocks.

    I'm stuck around 2300 now with only 4 pipes. http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm05=1854494

    I've tried unlocking my pipes by flashing to a 6600 and through rivatuner, but no luck. Seems like mine is hardware locked. :-( It preforms about the same as a stock 6600 according to 3dmark.
  8. I have a 256 mb GeForce 6800. It only "has" 12 pipelines. I wonder if I can get those extra 4 pipelines... :) That would be nice... to get GeForce 6800 GT level performance.
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