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Hi All experts out there,

I have bought a tv tuner card (Winfast TV2000XP RM) and installed it on my mobo (Abit NF7-S). Everything went fine except for the audio part. :( I have plugged the audio cable from my TV Tuner card to my CD1 connector of my NF7-S but it does not produce any sound. Even I tried configuring my Windows XP OS and the PVR, it still doesn't work. :?

I hope someone can help me in this!!! Thanks in advance!!!!
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  1. In the PVR software have you set it to listen to the cd audio in? otherwise double check that the cable is definitly pluged into audio input or you could try another input if theres any like TAD or AUX or something similar.

    I assume your are using onboard audio.
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