I think i am going to write a little sticky for the homebuilt section because they all seem to be the same question. I dont mind answering it but there is a lot of overlap between the posts....

I am kind of biased, i will pick parts that I personally like and i will ignore some good options because i will only think of what i prefer.
I need some feedback from some of you who know best....

This will be a gaming rig...i want to build 3 samples
a budegt
sweet spot

PM me about what ideas you have for parts you love, parts you hate, parts that are hidden gems.

i am going to be constructing this over the next couple days/week or so.

Every upgrade will be....
cpu, ram, gpu, mobo, psu, hdd, optical, and case.

help me help other people.....Thanx. :wink:
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  1. I'll sticky it, BUT, this stuff changes so fast that it'll have to be kept up to date and that'll be a decent amount of work.

    You also have AMD and Intel systems to think about and frankly I don't even bother with Intel anymore and it seems like not many enthusiasts do anymore.
  2. with a three teared system only the top dog will change often....the mid range will have a couple shifts and the budget usually ends up finding a hidden gem and riding it for a while.

    I can't reccomend an Intel system for someone who wants to game....

    I am building this, and i know i will screw up...but lets hope not too much.
  3. The mid/low will change as often as the uber because the uber parts become the mid and mid become the low end. Better idea for the sticky would be price/performance or the sweet spot. When someone reads the sweet spot and wants to up/down the system, then it's easy to give recommendations to that effect.

    The issue with dong something liek this is that people will come here for more than gaming builds. You should preface the sticky with it being for gaming price/performance.
  4. Well of course....

    i have put in, that this is for a gaming build.

    Maybe i will compress the3 topics down to 2.....one sweetspot high, one sweet spot low.

    YEah the UBER parts come down but often they arn't good for the price. Think about a 6800U. It was top dog, and now if someone bought it i would kick them in the teeth. You could get something so much better for the same price. usually the mid range parts come down to be a great value...not the UBER ones. 6800GT's, X800XL's, 9800Pros....

    Cpus are pretty easy because the CPUs that are pretty cheap will OC to high levels....

    Ram...prices are super low on RAM so buying a good 1GB kit isn't that much more then value ram.

    Motherboards are either good or bad, the prices for one doesn't fall that much, they all fall or all stay stable.....You wont see a Fatality board for $75 a year from now...

    bascially only the graphics cards shift....when a new socket comes then the poo hits the fan and everythign changes around because of what parts are introduced at what price points and everything has to settle back down again.
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