windows NT4 service pack 6a ERROR

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I have installed the latest service patch on rebooting the
keyboard and mouse wont operate and I cannot log in.
What is the solution
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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsnt.misc (More info?)

    Hi Martin,

    Most likely it was the application of the Post Service Pack 6a Security Rollup
    (SRP) that actually caused your problem. To repeat my standard answer to this

    This question is constantly asked - the frequency of people encountering this
    particular problem has skyrocketed in the last year or so because of the all the
    Virus/Worm scares and everyone finally deciding to do something about plugging
    the multitude of security holes left in Microsoft OSes (NT 4.0 included)

    To answer - by any chance did you have a copy of Microsoft Intellimouse prior to
    V3.2 installed on the machine ? There is known issue of the 'POST SP6a Security
    Rollup (SRP) Q299444' breaking the mouse and keyboard when it is installed under
    these conditions.

    Have a look at Microsoft Knowledgebase Article 305462 - Mouse and Keyboard Stop
    Working After You Install the Windows NT 4.0 Security Rollup Package, I think it
    will address your particular situation. They offer several possible fixes for
    the problem, depending on what type of file system your boot partition is. (ie:
    the one that has the /WINNT folder on it)

    I managed to cure my particular problem by remote logging in over our LAN and
    manually replacing the effected files - fortunately they weren't in use because
    they had failed to start. Once I got a working keyboard and mouse again I
    properly removed Intellimouse V2.0 using Add/Remove programmes and replaced it
    with a later version (V3.2 or later is ok)

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