Well as the title says I flashed the wrong BIOS to my mobo. I have a abit Nf7-s2g. This is not to be confused with the regular Nf7-S which has the nice nforce sound.

My old Nf7-S died so I got my friend to order a new one ( i dont have a CC ) and he accidentally got the S2G. Its the same board it seems but it has a different south bridge and some generic AC 97 audio controller. My only problem, besides the sound, is that the new board only sees my Athlon XP-M 2500+ as a unknown 1200 MHZ CPU.

That really sucks because this new board doesnt let me mess with the multiplier. But the old one did so i decided to try to flash the new board with the old board's bios. Well due to my brilliant decision I cant flash the old bios back because i dont even have a working screen! This is horribly bad as I have a lot of stuff due this friday that resides on my hard drive.

Could anyone please possibly help?
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  1. if you can put your BIOS chip on an nf2-s and try to reflash it with the nfs-s2g, maybe it will work again.
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