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I'm having trouble getting a clear picture using the tv out from my radeon 9550. My tv is old, so I'm using a S-video to RCA adapter cable. Using the adapter cable on my brother's computer/tv works fine, but on mine i get all these static-like lines on the screen. It looks kind of like when I'm using an antenna to watch tv and am not getting all that good of a reception. Does anyone know what the problem is? Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. Do you have a cable or satellite connection going to the TV at the same time? If so, try disconnecting it as those can cause interference. I had a problem with scrolling white bars on the screen when using TV out and this was the cause.
  2. Some cards have problems with adapters. Take a look at the S-Video output and see if it has room for six pins, rather than four. The two unused pins are the composite video output, and use a manufacturer-supplied breakout cable to connect an RCA composite video cable.

    There are other reasons this could happen, that's just an easy one.
  3. Yep
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