The Amazing disappearing harddrive!

I have a laptop that the harddrive disappeared the other day, I got up for something and came back to the blue screen saying something about unable to write to drive C:. Thought that was a little weird but knew I needed to redo the harddrive since it had been acting a bit funny as of lately. Well I tried to restart and got "op sys not found" So I grabbed a win98 start disk (floppy) so I could do "fdisk" to split the 20 gigs up and got "no fixed disk" Also says no valid FAT or FAT32 partition causes; create partition or virus causing C: to not register.

Any help getting a heartbeat back in this drive would be appreciated. THANX in advance for your help, TJ
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  1. i personally go with WD data lifeguard (which creates a boot disk if you have another computer available), boot it up and see if it detects the hard drive, if it get's detected it should work.
    That's only me though,
  2. I used a WD data tools disk and it came back with not a WD harddrive which it is not. Everything I try says could not find hard drive. Everything just fine with other harddrive so it's within this drive.
  3. ok, i don't have any non-WD products, i actually thought that the program supports nonWD products, sorry about that, the only other option i could think of is try your hard disk's manufacturer's version of whatever tools like data lifeguard they may have. or maybe you could try seeing if warranty will repair/find the problem to it (if that is an option)

  4. Seagate's SEATools I believe works with all drives, but the best drive diagnostic will be the one from the drive manufacturer.

  5. Yes have gotten fujistu's version of tools to get the same results. Everything I try says no harddrive. says to create partition or run virus scan. How do I run a virus scan in dos and where do I get a dos virus scan?
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