Need advice on upgrading MoBo and CPU.

Hello all. I have recently joined this website and have read the post over the forums. I find all of them to be very constructive and helpful. I myself and hitting the point of updateing my computer. I built it about a year and a half ago. I run a asus MB with a athlon xp 2400 CPU. I would like to update to a good MB that supports a AMD 64 cpu. I have a AGP video card to which i dont want to replace yet so the MB would have to be able to have a AGP 8x slot. THe video card is Geforce FX 5900 256mb. I would like to know what your guys reccomendations are on a good MB and amd 64 cpu would be. I play MMO and FPS games if that helps any. I would like to spend about 400 to 500 dollars on this upgrade so if anyone knows a good brand or something plz let me know. A link is great lol.

OR will I be better of updating to a PCIE MOBO and getting the new cpu, and PCIE video card?
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  1. Quote:
    OR will I be better of updating to a PCIE MOBO and getting the new cpu, and PCIE video card?
    Very much better off with PCIe and new video card. The GF5xxx series was flawed, but much more importantly, AGP is not only not seeing new cards anymore, but the existing ones are getting some insanely hefty price premiums put on them. :( It's very annoying for us people who still have AGP motherboards.

    So while it might cost you more to replace your graphics card now, the way things are going you'll darn close to make up that difference if you ever go to upgrade your graphics card. (And who with a GF5xxx wouldn't want to upgrade?)
  2. Ok cool ty for your help. Time to go back to the drawing board lol.
  3. No prob. It's what we're here for. And good luck.
  4. u can put ur feet on both AGP and PCIe. get the ASrock dual mobo from newegg, it supports both agp and pcie and uses a 939 skt for upgrading ur cpu. all for 69 bucks. hope this helps
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