1 MOBO, 1 128 bit stick, 1 256 bit stick. Possible???

Is it possible for the computer to run with a 128 bit and a 256 bit stick simultaneously?

Or will the 256 bit interface go done to a 128 bit interface?

Or will the computer not run at all?
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  1. First, 128bit and 256bit? That's confusing.

    If you mean you have a 128MegaBYTE and a 256MegaBYTE SDRAM (or DDR SDRAM) DIMM, then yes it should run fine. If the mobo supports dual-channel memory you won't get dual channel (but you won't get dual channel with 1 stick anyways), but it should work fine.

    If you really mean you have a 128bit chip and a 256bit chip, then no, they won't work because the socket on one of them won't fit.

    If neither of the above is true, then I'm confused. :?

  2. LMAO, ur close. I really did mean 128 bit memory interface with a 256 bit memory interface.

    Let me elaborate. PC133 ram comes in 128 & 256 bit sizes. The still have the same amount of pins, timing & frequency. So knocks out the not fit theory.

    And I was wondering if i can combine the 2 on one mobo and utilize the 256 bit for one of my sticks.
  3. Ok, I think you're talking about the actual chip in the DIMM instead of its interface to the PC. I don't know much about that in detail (hence my earlier confusion), but AFAIK that depends on the mobo whether or not it will work. If the mobo can handle the higher matrix, then both should work fine. If the mobo can't handle it, then it won't work. You'll have to check the mobo mfg.

  4. I checked and it doesn't say. It says everything else but that. Would the memory controller have that type of information. I remember there would be a software that could tell me whether my ram is a 128 bit or 256 bit.
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