1st build, and how to pick a PSU

This is my first build,do you notice any problems?
I was shooting for <$600. I still need a case and power source

MSI K8N Neo4-F Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce4 ATX AMD Motherboard - Retail

AMD Athlon 64 3200+ Venice 1GHz FSB Socket 939

POWERCOLOR R43CA-GD3D Radeon X800GT 256MB GDDR3 PCI Express x16

CORSAIR ValueSelect 1GB184-Pin DDR SDRAM DDR 400 (PC 3200)

CHAINTECH AV-512 6 (5.1) Channels PCI Interface Sound Card

I'm going to salvage my old rom drives and keep my hard drive.
What do you think? Also how can I tell what type of power source I need. I mean how many watts?
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  1. There are ways to calculate it but when I built my last computer I just bought the biggest baddest power supply I could afford. I got a 600W Ultra for a very reasonable price.

    Just make sure you check out the amps and make sure they are adequate especially the 12v as that is what your graphics card will use.
  2. Get a 350W enermax or fortron source....they will have great 12v lines and it should be more then enough for you right now.....
  3. excellent, thanks a lot for the advice.
    Otherwise does this system look alright, I'm hoping to play the newest games
  4. Yeah that is a great budget system....i dont know how strapped for cash you are...but i would have gone with this http://www.mwave.com/mwave/viewspec.hmx?scriteria=AA39230 because its as good as the 6800GT at all res settings and its 199.99.

    Someone else said they found a X850XT for 199.99 if you can get that deal get it. If not get the GS.

    other then that you are good to go.
  5. really, thank you for helping.
    I'll probably be back here when I can't get the thing to boot up for the first time :?
  6. Have fun, you should have no problems
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