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Whoa, I was doing an encoding job on my overclocked AMD64 (2000Mhz to 2400Mhz @ 1.63Vcore - Crap o/cer) in a bedroom, which was very hot at the time.

CPU temps were @ 43c~ when the pump decided to die (It's done this before, doesn't like hot water). I got out a big 120mm fan and pointed it at the pump to cool it down so it would start up again (No way was I losing a 2hour encoding job :wink: )

The temp was rising and rising :evil: and I was about to give up when it topped 73c when the pump kicked back into life :D :D :D

Anyway - For your viewing pleasure:

I think the CPU (which doesn't have cool and quiet enabled) must have been surviving on convection :mrgreen:

Got to love that temp drop as soon at the pump kicked back in!
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  1. Whoa, thats a crazy graph....
    73c isn't going to kill it, but i wouldn't run it that hot for long :lol: :lol:

    That wouldhave been deadly if you weren't in the room with it.
  2. Don't I know it! I was watching TV and I thought to myself - I'm missing a sound here?! (Odd thought I know) - I looked over at the rez and saw the water was still. Thought "not again" :oops:

    Really should clean the rad of dust!

    I estimate the pump was off for about 5-7 mins - All the time the temp was steadily rising :twisted:
  3. Actually 5-7min of no pumping and you only got to 73c? thats actually way good....

    What would a Presscotts temp be with 5-7min of no pump? it would have melted through the

    maybe cleaing the rad, or geting a new pump would be a good idea.
  4. Gah ! I feel your pain !

    What kind of pump were/are you using ?

    The C-Systems CSP750 MKII pump I had running 24/7 for 11 months finally decided to end its miserable existence by burning itself to death due to sloppy engineering a month ago (50 000 hours MBTF my ass !). I had to jury-rig a cheap and noisy submersible aquarium pump to my system since then.

    I'll be receiving a Laing D5 and a pre-modded Chevette heatercore from Danger Den in the next few days, I'll never ever buy another C-Systems pump again !
  5. I have a Hydor L30 - I'm not blaming it on the pump, I don't think they were designed to work in crapt conditions (My entire cooling system in in a midi tower with the rest of the PC) or with warm / almost hot water.

    I may be wrong - and in that case Hydor pumps suck! :twisted: :evil: :twisted:
  6. Hmmm, where is AMDMeltdown!?
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