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Hey guys I had one quick question....

I dont know much about computers but my dad really is and I want to build him a custom one for x-mas. Now I know a little but what I do need to know is what all goes in a cpu, from mother board to hard drive. If you could make a list of everthing I would need I would greatly appreciate it, thanks! JOEY
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  1. We have a homebuild section a little further down [/Being a bástard]
  2. To tell what the best system will be we need to know at least 2 things: 1) Budget. 2) Use of the computer. Is it just internet surfing and Solitaire? Old games? New games? Video encoding? Photo retouching? Regular business software (Word/Excel)?

    Here's the basic parts:

    Power supply
    Video Card
    Hard Drive

  3. Fishy was right on about parts...could have added a sound card, but modern motherboards (mobos) have good integrated sound.

    A good starting point for research are the FAQs at the beginning of the following forums: CPU, Motherboard, PSU and Hard Drive. Feel free to shoot as many questions as you want, but do yourself a favor by educating yourself so you can ask good questions. :wink:
  4. Quote:
    but do yourself a favor by educating yourself so you can ask good questions. :wink:

    There is no such thing as a bad

    btw, you might want to read a lot of the FAQ's you keep pointing people to. Some are over a year fact i think the OCing AMD chips only talks about socket 754. Which isn't at all helpful today...

    Serisouly most of them are old and not helpful.
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