1st build, help greatly appreciated

ok, im on a tight budget = no more than 600 w/o monitor. im gonna be gaming

Biostar GF6100-M9
Athlon 64 3200+ 939
Corsair VS 1GB (2x512 PC3200 at 400mhz)
Thermaltake 430W
Scorpio Blue mid-ATX
Western Digital 80GB SATA

did i forget anything? oh, i have mouse, keyboard, and speaker

the things are from newegg, zzf, microcenter, and tigerdirect

thanks in advance
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More about build greatly appreciated
  1. Quote:
    X850XT PE- i have a way to get it for $130

    How in the world can you get that for $130?

    Otherwise getting another 512 would be a no-brainer if you are going to play newer games with that X850XTPE.
  2. ok, i buy a x800xl and x850xt for 130 and 200 respectively after rebate. then i sell the x800xl for say like 200 or less, and voila, x850xt for 130 or higher. Or, i sell the x850xt for 290 and keep the x800xl for 40. ohhh, now i have extra cash for another 512mb, hmmmm............. :D :mrgreen:
  3. If you get that power supply i will personally hunt you down and rip your eyes out with a spoon....get a real psu.. a 350W enermax or fortron source would be perfect for you.
  4. ok, my friend says the ultra psu is better than fortron. is he right? :tongue:
  5. Quote:
    ok, my friend says the ultra psu is better than fortron. is he right? :tongue:

    not only he is wrong...he couldn't be MORE wrong.

    Seriously if the thinks that.....tell him to find me 1 bad review of a fortron source PSU. I know for a fact i can find 10-20 horrible reviews for the X connect pieces of shitt PSU's.

    yeah they have lads that disconnet so when you arn't using them you dont have clutter...YAY....but your PSU is so unrelyable that you wont be able to OC, and you might end up frying your motherboard....YAY!!!

    Tell him he is an idiot for me. thanx
  6. okay, i'm getting a fsp atx350-pa cuz i don wanna lose my eyes.

    any idea where i can get a 512mb for cheap (<50)?

    oh, can a ultra pc3200 be OCed? or is it crap like their psu
  7. the ultra ram is alright...you wont be able to OC it much.

    for $50 you wont get 512mb of ram that will OC well...

    you could just use a ram divider....
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