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I am looking into starting a local business and was looking at getting a reseller's permit to take advantage of the distributor prices. However, the distributors I've seen haven't been that much different from Newegg prices, if not more expensive. What is the best path for getting some of the cheapest prices (I'm not looking for refurbished either because I need to contain a stronger warranty on these components)? I may be looking at taking it further once I get the hang of doing it locally. Or is just going through Newegg the best option out there?
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  1. okay, do u live in CA? if u do, don't buy from newegg cuz of taxes. Now, look into huge deals on various sites besides newegg, like tigerdirect. If u are not afraid of rebates, get rebated items. the savings r usually huge (10-100) and they're not OEM. Plus the items are not out of date.
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