I bought a geforce 7800 GT but I have an old Monitor

I just bought a geforece 7800 gt but I have about a 5yr old monitor its a NEC multisync 95, I cant find any review or specs on the net about it, but its about a dot pitch .28 I think, based on ebay and a user who is selling it off for 10 bux lol.

Now should I get a new monitor to take advantage of my new card? Im playing grahpic intensive games and if so which monitor should I get. It goes up to 120 refresh rate and goes up to 2048 x 1048.

I know CRT are better for gaming than LCD and the LCD for gaming are very expensive.

So which CRT can I get which is fairly cheap 100-150 bux and is good quality.
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  1. If your monitor works then there is no reason to replace it.
  2. I'm confused. Is your old monitor a problem somehow?
  3. your refresh rate + res setting sound fine especially since you play at 1024x768 most likely... (17"). It doesn't sound like you need to upgrade, a new monitor won't take better advantage of your card. You might get some better color quality and less glare and a "flatter" pic (if you buy a PerfectFlat CRT) but umm, no, you don't need to upgrade...

    If your monitor is a noticeable problem and you want a new one, try a 19" Viewsonic G90fb... you should probably get a 19" if your upgrading, stupid not to IMO... it's $250 after shipping...


    (or a g90f for a non-black version)

    Or just spend $420 and get a nice LCD, good for gaming... the viewsonic vp930b


    But again, that said, it doesn't like you really have any need for a new monitor. If you really do need an upgrade and are on a very tight budget, the viewsonic E70F series (E70FB for black) is a good choice for a 17" monitor. Make sure you get the "F" (NOT the plain E70), because the "F" signifies the PerfectFlat CRT screen. Yes, you want that.
  4. can your monitor display a 1280X1040???, or 1600X1200???? if not, upgrade, cause your not gonna get to enjoy your vid card if you don't.
  5. i think he said his monitor did.

    Also thats not true. You don't need to play 1280 on a 17" monitor to enjoy your games. At all. I'd rather play native resolution + high details + higher FPS...

    I play 1280x960 on my 19"; on a 17" I play 1024x768 (as do most ppl). Its not that terribly much of a visual improvement to turn up the res past what is native.
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