THG states "1gb graphics memory"

is that correct? I thought that combining cards in SLI did not increase your video RAM as it could still only use what you had on one card, and the memory on another card was just a "double" of the info on the other card. IE 2x512mb still = 512mb. Or is THG correct, in that you would actually have 1gb of video ram?
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  1. To my knowledge it's still technically only 512 because all textures, data, etc. has to be in both card's memories at the same time to ensure that they can both draw their portion of the screen correctly. (And definately if they're SLIing by drawing every other frame instead of only a portion of the frame.)

    Besides, it's been a while since I've read anything but garbage from the THG main site anyway. :o (Of course, that could also be because I don't even read the THG main site anymore.)
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