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1gb 400 mhz or 2gb 333 mhz ??

Last response: in Memory
November 17, 2005 10:42:08 PM

I currently have a MSi Neo 2 platinum mb .

I have 4 slots for ram.
If i put 2 512 mb sticks in they run dual-channel at 400 mhz.
(OCZ Premier Series PC-3200 Dual Channel memory)
If i add 2 more 512 mb sticks it then runs at 333 mhz.

I`m assuming i`m still better off with 2 Gb of ram than 1 Gb.
I`m mostly gaming with the system and also cad drawing.

Are there bench mark programs i could run to compare the difference
between 1 Gb at 400 mhz or 2Gb at 333 mhz.
If so, would the results reflect gaming applications ??
November 17, 2005 11:16:43 PM

You can try setting it to 400 in bios - it may work on that mobo.

Cad can use 2gig, a couple games can use >1gig, so I'd say try 400, if not, oh well. The performance loss 400 to 333 with A64's is at most a couple % (and that only for a few apps - most are little to no difference).

November 17, 2005 11:51:32 PM

I would say use the 1GB of ram....

What little advantages you would get from a CAD program would be completely lost by the lower fact it would proabbly run slower.

1GB of RAM....Period....even the famous BF2 which everyone thinks they need 2GB of ram only gets you 2% increase. YAY 2% for $80-$130....if you spent that much more on a gpu you would get 35% increaese and if you spent that much more on a cpu you would get 5-15%

1Gb DDR400....period