Dead k7s5a mobo after flight?

I have a tower containing a k7s5a 3.1 mobo that has flown out to South America with me. Before leaving the UK it was fine, but now its almost completly dead: On power up I get the power led and the hdd led flashes then goes off. HDDs spin up.

But there's no video and no beaps from the speaker. I've reseated the video card and RAM and cleared the cmos with no result. None of the components seem to get warm. The only other sign of life is the 3 keyboard leds flashing every 5 seconds or so.

Of course I have no spares with me at all. Anyone seen anything like this before? Do we suspect the psu, mobo, or video card?

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  1. Try clearing CMOS. I had the same thing happen to me with that board when I swithced cases.
  2. Tried that :(

    Turns out it was the PSU. The CDR was also dead.

    Most odd.

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