Burnt DVDm files are there but 'My Computer' can't see them

I've just installed a new Pioneer DVR-110.

I burnt some data to a TDK DVD-R.It finished with no problems but when I view the contents of the DVD using 'My Computer', Windows doesn't see anything on the disk. It doesn't even call the disk by the right name.

If I go back to Nero, it sees all the files on the disk. If I put the disk in my other DVD drive (read only) it detects the disk & the data with no problems.

I've tried this:


and even though it is exactly what I'm getting, it doesn't solve the problem.

Doe's anyone know what could be happening. Have I just bought a faulty DVD burner.

Thanks for any help,


Asus P4S800-MX Mobo
2.8 P4 CPU
1024 PC3200 RAM
Seagate Barra IV 60GiG HD
Western Digital 120GiG HD
Radeon X800 Pro Graphics Card
Pioneer DVR-100 DVD RW
Lite On DVD
Audigy PCI Sound Card
Win XP Home, Fully up to date, SP2 etc
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  1. OK, seems it happened because the DVD was a multi session disc. I suppose I just have to live with it but I thought Pioneer DVDRW were meant to be pretty good at doing anything.
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