Windows running slow on AN8.....

Okay guys!

I got lots of prblems with with my PC. I got AN8 SLI mobo, AMD 64 4000+, EVGA 7800GTX, Maxtor 3L300S0, Seasonic I think for the PSU. Any way a good one I know that 600 watts.

My problem is that it takes for ever to boot up and also to do updates. It took me 7 hrs to do SP2. Now I can't even get on windows update to work to the rest of the updates. Also it takes for ever to open a program. It took me all morning to load my sound drivers.

I got Windows XP 2002 with SP2.

Is it something I need to set or what!!!! God help me....
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  1. No one as any advice!!!!!!
  2. In the bios is a setting for HDD access times or something.

    You have an option for 0(what you want) to 15.

    Check that and make sure you didnt increase it. I had a similar issue until I did.
  3. I sent that mobo back and got a new one. Asus A8N-SLI Premium!!!! Now it runs great.. I think it had bus issues. I had a friend take a look at who works on computers and he had the same problem I had. So I sent it back to newegg and they gave me mymoney back and got a new mobo.. No problems now!!!
  4. Haro,

    A8N-SLI seems to be picky which copy of Windows XP is on it especially when loading from SATA HD.
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