Explorer hangs when accessing network computers

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Explorer hangs when trying to explore another computer in
the workgroup. It hangs even when there are no other
computers connected to the workgroup and I click on my
computer from the network neighborhood list. My computer's
shared drives appear, but when I click on one of the
drives, NT hangs.

My network has a router to share a cable modem and it uses
DHCP to assign IP addresses.
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  1. I get the same problem. Explorer goes to sleep when I do Start/Shutdown or certain other functions. Behind the scenes its doing a loop through the following (for almost a minute)







    Anyone have any ideas?
  2. I FIXED IT! In the My network Connection windows there is a "Show icons for UPnP network devices" Click on it, do it on all your XP networked computers so they will "talk" with your routeurs .....
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