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Ok, i am sure its a common problem, and there have been a billion posts about this but anyway:

I got Creative SoundBlaster live, and Creative 4.1 speakers.
For totally unknown reason, only 2 rear speakers are working.
I checked every single speaker - and they are working fine.

I would be gratful of anybody could point at the problem, and possible solution.

I already updated the drivers.
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  1. So the front output off the sound card is not working then, Correct?
    Have you gone into the speaker setup and set it to just desktop speakers - 2 channel - to see if they work?
    Have you tried reinstalling the software for the sound card?
  2. you probably did this, but check the connections, from the sound card to ur speakers, it could be that ur front speakers aren't actually connected
    what i mean is, the front speakers could have a seperate mini stereo jack connection from the back ones, just check that those are conneted correctly

    If ur using a digital connection, ignore everything i said

  3. Lets go through the stuff i already tried.
    I updated the drivers,
    I'v set 4 speakers setting @ at the Audio HQ (part of Creative drivers),
    I tried disconnecting the rear speakers, and the front began working.
    I'v tried switching connections (connecting rear instead of front and vice versa) and that caused only to front speakers to work.
    I'v tried setting a Quadronic settings at the windows Speakers Settings,
    However after each time i restart the pc, it seems that the setting is going back to default
  4. maybe it's just as simple as going into the options and seeing if you set the rear's volume higher than that of the front or completely turned off front?
  5. venoz0r,

    Turn your speakers all the way up without playing anything.

    If you hear static (hiss from the amp) on all of your speakers, then your speakers are all working properly.

    Alternatively, try to use Creative's speaker testing program, with the voice that says "front left, front right, rear right, rear left..."

    If that works, your speakers are also working properly.

    If you fail these tests, then yes there is something wrong with your soundcard or speakers.
  6. Haven't you try the 2 channel first and see if it works. If it does, then your speaker should work fine. I'm afraid if you connect the front channel to the wrong output of your sound card.

    Like what astrallite said, try the creative testing program...
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