Upgrade 9800XT to X850XTPE?

Hello all,

I'm thinking of upgrading my graphics card. My overall gcomputer has kept up remarkebly well, but I'm beginning to feel that the 9800XT is getting on in years, especially with newer games such as FEAR. The only downside to my desktop is that it's stuck with AGP, and since it's a Dell, upgrading the mobo isn't much of an option. (The computer has a 3.0Ghz/HT Pentium 4 Northwood and 2 gigs of RAM.)

At first I was considering a GeForce 6800GT/GS, but now I'm leaning towards an X850 XT PE. Money is not really a concern... I just want the best AGP card available (something that will last me reasonably well for another 18/24 months.) Anyway, I'd greatly appreciate any input as to the merits of the X850 XT PE. Should I expect a significant boost over the 9800XT?

I'm not much into benchmarking. My goal, mainly, is to be able to play current and future games at 1600x1200 with options maxed (and AA/AF set according to each game) at about 30 to 60 fps. My current setup (with a 9800XT) can do 1600x1200 reasonably well with Farcry and HL2, but with no AA/AF. Unfortunately, the card is crapping out in other games at that resolution.

The other question is when to buy. I followed the story about the Diamond X1800 AGP version, which turned out to be a typo. Do people believe that ATI or a 3rd party will release an X1800 AGP version or is the X850XT PE the top of the line for AGP systems? If the X850XT PE is the top of the line, does it make sense to buy a card now or wait? My concern is that the AGP stock will dry up soon and cards will be hard to find.

Any input would be greatly appreciated


Mark Roboff
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  1. As soon as I switched to PCIe, everybody and their brother released more AGP cards.
    I don't see this 'betrayal' coming to an end anytime soon.
    It may be worth your while to wait a few months to see if they pull a
    fast one and release AGP versions of the new cards (X1+, etc. etc.)after they sell what they need to in the PCIe market.
    Trickle down has a peculiar way of happening.
    what really got me was when I wanted an AGP 6800GT OC, all that was on the shelf was PCIe versions. I thought 'I'm Doomed here!'.
    I went and changed my PC to incorporate PCIe(not for that reason alone), and now all I see is AGP. AGP. AGP.
    I'm sick. I feel like calling someone a Liar.
    As many AGP boards as there are already on someones desk, to sucker me into PCIe took some doing, but the evil demons.....
    as soon as they followed me around watching me as I'm spending my money, they did a switch'o and replaced all of the PCIe cards with AGP versions.
    Now they sit in their luxury room on their big pillows laughing at me.
    My advice to you is stay underground. Un-noticed and keep the AGP fire alive.
    I am in the midst of licking my wounds as I wait for something wonderful to happen. Like seeing aBFG 6800GTOC PCIe on a Best Buy shelf as opposed to all of those 'old' AGP things they're selling now.
    My how they've become plentiful as of late, and hey! The Price has fallen to!!
    Ha Ha!!
    Time for my medicine.
    Excuse me.
  2. I would not be affraid of agp for now it is 'as fast' as the pcie conterparts...

    If you want to futureproof and want the top of the line graphics you will have to start allover again and again and again and again....

    It begun with isa then local bus then pci then agp 1x 2x 4x 8x then
    pci x then pciexpress 16x and you never really now what's commin...

    (and i might have forgot some standards if there is such thing...)

    Get the best for your'e budget ! it is the only thing that counts.
  3. Geeze bobbydamm, talk about being a whinge. And where, might I ask, are the AGP versions of any of the modern cards, hmm? Where is my AGP GF7800? Oh, that's right, they don't exist. And my AGP Radeon 1300, 1600, or 1800? Oh, of course, they don't exist either. So the highest that AGP can go then is GF6800/R850. Right. I just see new AGP everywhere.


    It's frickin' annoying. AGP is dead. There are no more upgrades. There are technologies to do it. The AGP8x bus is hardly saturated. There's a huge market of AGP mobo owners out there just dying to upgrade their graphics. But no AGP for you! It sucks. It really really sucks.

    So, bobbydamm, if you feel sick, try being one of us still stuck with AGP. Believe me, compared to us, you've got drek all to complain about.
  4. Quote:
    where, might I ask, are the AGP versions of any of the modern cards, hmm? Where is my AGP GF7800?

    I actually have an AGP 7800GTX 512Mb.....you dont have it because you dont know the right people. its like the Enzo...even if you have the million dollars ferarri still has to CHOOSE you. Nvidia chose me to have one....dont hate, congratulate.
  5. **blinks**
  6. Go with the X850XTpe; by far the best AGP card and cheaper than the 6800U. But I wouldn't expect any card available now to keep playing future games at 16x12, max details, and full AA/AF. Fear and COD2 are already stressing the best at those settings.
  7. I agreewith Paul

    X850XT because its cheaper and better

    You wont be able to max out games, but you should be able t play them at lower res settings and lower quality for 2years easily.
  8. OK, I won't go against that,
    So if they could satisfy everyones needs and still give my friends with AGP a hand and let them buy the new 7800GTX or ATi card then Great!
    I wish it was possible.
    Maybe it can be. Time will tell.
    I'm in no rush though to go poppin a 800 watt PSU in mine to power the 7800GTX PCIe though, so an X800XL PCIe does great with no dongle needed and a 350watter.
    I'll survive.
  9. A real good 430 or 450 watt PSU would run that with no problem, I am running a Prescott 3200, a X800XT PE with three hard drives and a TV Tuner card on an Antec TruePower 430watt.
  10. That's Smokin'!!
  11. Man what about the Volari V8 Duo, it's AGP and it's got 2 VPUs. TWO VPUS!

    AwesomeGra!!! :mrgreen:
  12. Dual V8's. It's gotta be good. Make my two a Vette and a Stang please.
  13. It looks like your avatar is about to take a giant sh|t on that little car. :lol: :lol:
  14. Nah that's the propulsion unit, and it's behind the van. :tongue:
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