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Upgrade old Dual Pentium III computer??

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
November 19, 2005 3:06:27 PM

Hey guys, I did an upgrade at a hospital cat scan computer at work and was able to take the old computers home. I'm just looking into my options to see if I could through $150-$400 into it and turn it decent video editing computer. The model is a fujitsu-siemens primergy 470 with (motherboard) system board D1031.

CPU: Dual Pentium III 800MHz
I/O Options: 32-bit PCI slots (5)(NOT PCI-E), AGP slot, Ultra-SCSI Wide interface, SCSI interfaces (2), serial ports (2), ATX power connecdtor, & RAID slot
RAM: 2GB of PC100 ECC SDRAM 168-pin DIMM memory

I know this is a old computer and might not be worth throughing too much $ inot but just thought I'd see what you guys think. The monitor I have is a dell 2405fpw with 1920x1200 max res. Any recommendations on graphic cards etc.
To view the motherboard and specs look at:
or.. the system board D1031 on that page (.pdf)
November 19, 2005 5:38:33 PM

No way that can be turned into a video editing computer It doesn't have enough processing power.
If you want to spend 150$-400$, then you can get a A64 Mobo/CPU combo and if you don't intend on gaming, then you can get away with some cheap graphic card, since 2d performance doesn't vary much among different cards.
November 19, 2005 5:56:24 PM

I have to agree with grahamnew82 in saying that the processors are too weak. If you willing to spend a bit over 500$ you can get an above average computer for video editing.

Here is a computer with good processing power for only 399$ @
With taxes and S&H it should cost around 500$. It comes with integrated GMA but has a PCI-Express X16 slot if you feel the need for a good video card. Hope this helps.

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November 20, 2005 11:14:31 AM

You can get two Upgradeware Slot-T adapters and two PIII-S 1.4GHz processors, assuming the board is Slot-1.

Yes, you need a Tualatin adapter for that Coppermine board.
November 20, 2005 5:49:39 PM

Hey guys, thanks for your help. I will probably just use it for a server for my external hard drive & printer. Just thought I'd run it by the forum first.