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i am facing a problem wen i wana send a link 2 my friends.i get a messaga saying dat default mail client is not properly not installed......
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  1. It doesn't help to post the same question multiple times. See my reply to your other post.
  2. how are you sending this link?

    IM(MSN,AIM,ICq[this still exist?], ect?)?

    email? Windows does not need a default mail client with web based e-mail, you can just use hotmail/gmail/ here to send links(see below.)

    Generally if you want to send a link, you can just copy and past the link right from a browser.

    So lets say i want to send this page to someone.

    Up the the address bar select it all with the mouse and hold control + c to copy it(or right click and select copy)

    Open an email, msn, or forum thread and past it with control + V or right click in the text field and hit paste.


    hope this helps a bit.
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