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oK, i saw them Lian li case mods form crazypc, and they are beautiful. so my question is, instead of spending $9 to buy a biohazard sticker applique from crazypc, can i make my own?
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  1. ? yea i don't see why not. Get some big Sticker type material .. draw out your design and cut with a exacto knife or so.

    for the time effort it takes, your way better off just getting the sticker. But imo those designs are stupid. If your going with a window Kit, people wanna look inside and admire the case, it will be dumb to have a window kit and then a huge sticker blocking it. i never understood that idea. But anyway.. I ordered the sqaure window kit made for the pc-60. and my next mod is going to be Carbon Fiber on the outside and where i feel it should go.

    I will DEFF send pics to have them uploaded on my THG profile.

    Good Luck in Mod'in!

  2. You can buy a vinyl cutter and make some stickers for your friends too. If you can afford to spend about $1000 check this out
  3. tad bit more than the $9 he was trying to jew down.
  4. I don't think godlyatheist is a jew
  5. Quote:
    I don't think godlyatheist is a jew

    think he ment the guy was being cheap.
  6. Are you sure you want to call godlyatheist cheap? It is apparent he lacks self asteem (doesn't believe in himself) and he thinks zip-zoom-fly is a better deal than newegg...but cheap?
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