Mystery Theater 3000

***Comes out from the shadows***

I'm watching you closer than you might think

***Retreats into the darkness***
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  1. Oh really? i usually walk around in my boxers in my apt....should i put more on or take more off for those of you watching?
  2. That is telling them!
    **quietly thinks "Leave em on, your tackle is not that impressive."**
  3. That is telling them!
    **thinks to self "Leave em on, your tackle is not that impressive."**
  4. its impressive enough for you to double post
  5. Those were genitals?!
  6. Not the male type more like the biatch variety! :wink:
  7. He's one flat chested lady! :P
  8. Must be French, hairy and smells funny too. :wink:
  9. Alright the spy cameras would account for what you can see....but do you have smell-o-meters or something to smell me?
  10. We use our noses when you're asleep. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

    And, seriously - Get your snoring problem seen to.
  11. Um....yeah....if you say so
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