Partitioning hard drive witih Lion

Hey guys I've got a quick question about partitioning.. (if this is in the wrong sub section I apologize..)

I have two separate partitions on my SSD, one for the OS and one for storage and ***. I have the OS installed and I'm wondering how do I set the other partition as the main partition for storage.

ie: When I download/save something I want it to automatically to save to the storage partition and not the OS partition.

Thanks in advance guys
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  1. When you are about to start downloading something, it usually downloads to a preset location on your mac.

    When you are using a browser to download, in the preferences you can find an option of setting where the files are downloaded to or you could set it to ask you where to save the files every time you download something.

    When downloading torrents, the torrent application also has a preferences pane where you can set where the files are downloaded into.

    However, for anyone in this forum to help you, you must provide some more details about what you are using to download files.
    i.e what browser, downloader app or whatever.
  2. Hi with OSX lion you need to open Disk manager from the settings and select the primary HDD.
    when done select the OS partition en click the + button underneath the partition.

    I know this know due i had the same problem (Y)
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