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Here is what I'm looking at putting together.

Motherboard - Epox EP-9NPA+SLI

CPU - AMD Athlon 64 4000+ (San Diego)

Case - Lian Li PC60B Plus


Cooling - Zalman CNPS9500LED
- Vantec SF8025L (x2)

Video Card - BFG GeForce 7800GTX 512MB

RAM - Corsair XMS3200 2GB Kit

Hard Drive - Seagate 500GB/16MB SATA2 (x2)

DVD - Plextor PX-716SA/SW

Sound Card - Creative Soundblaster X-Fi Fatality

Speakers - Logitech Z-5450

Monitor - Acer AL1951B
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  1. HOLY SHIIT!! You have ssome money my friend....

    if you have some loot get the Dell 2405 monitor....its AMAZING! and will do awesome res settings in games.

    nothing seems bad at went top of the line for are good to go.

    What all do you have on your HDD's? if you have a lot of stuff you want to keep you could use a Raid5 card/array....its more expenseive because the card caosts around $600 but you will get performance higher then RAID0 in read/write and you will have the backup redundencey
  2. Well I figure this one is going to have to last me for a bit so I might as well make sure it will.

    As for the harddrives, right now I have an 80gig that I put windows on, along with various applications/games. Usually sits around 50 or gigs used. Second harddrive is a 300gig that has about 250 gigs on it. It's my fileshare drive, keep movies, videos, pictures, music, etc on it. With the extra space I was going to finish putting the rest of my dvd's into avi's on it. Along with iso's of my games.
  3. I have 500GB of space, and i have ended up burning about 100+ DVD's to archive movies, and tv shows...

    I wish they were at my fingertips...having them on my computer is much easier then having them archived.
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