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I have a user that cannot get to or her banks URL (and I'm sure
there are other sites) but she can go to google,yahoo and countless other
sites. I have run updated versions of spybot,adaware, and symantec virus
scan. They did find some items but this did not correct the problem. Any
other ideas???

Thanks in Advance
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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsnt.misc (More info?)

    What version of Internet Explorer is being used? If it isn't IE6 SP1
    then update to this newer version. Also check your security settings
    within IE (Tools|Internet Options|Security).
    good luck

    If you require more assistance or if my suggestion works please E-mail
    me at sh4d03 [at] TPG [dot] com [dot] au - please make ensure you insert
    the word "Newsgroup" before anything else in the subject line.
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