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Which mother board to choose from? (e.g. Abit, Aopen, Asus, Chaintech, Elitegroup, Epox, FIC, Gigabyte, MSI-Microstar, Shuttle, Soyo, Supermicro, Tyan) Which are lemons, which have perfect stability, which provide the best peripherils such as LAN, WiFi, graphics, etc... Is there a consumer reports like selection guide that can help a buyer get the best value?
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  1. What do you want from the motherboard?

    My favorite board is the Epox nForce 4 ultra.
    I also like DFI, and ASUS.

    You need to decide if you want AMD or Intel.
    Then which socket.
    If you want to reuse parts from an older PC you also need to take that into account.

    If you tell us how much do you want to spend, we can help you to make a decision.
  2. For AMD A64 I'd consider first tier to be Epox, Abit, DFI, Asus and second tier to be: Soltek, Chaintech, Giga-byte and Asrock. You need to be specific in your requests. What's your budget? What system utilization? Reusing parts from previous system? Give us some details so we can focus our help.
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