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Are you people using the weight cartidge? If you do what kind of weight setup are you using? Im just qurious because frankly i really don't feel much of a different with or without the cartidge weights.
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  1. im glad someone posted a thread on this piece of hardware.

    I know everywhere everyone is saying this is THE best mouse ever reviewed.

    on newegg they got the mx518 for like 32$ and the G5 is close to 60

    Is the difference that big? Right now im using a Microsoft Intellite optical mouse with buttons on both sides and the wheel and i love it for games.

    But since everywhere is raving about these Logitech mouses i thought i'd give it a shot for xmas.

    Just wondering your thoughts on the mouse.


  2. I love the Logitech Trackman FX...
    shame they retired it...
  3. I don't know about the G5, but I have the 518. The design is exactly like the 510/500 but with a more powerful sensor. I recently tried Razer's Diamondback. After about a week I sent it back. I had a Boomslang back when they were "all the rage". The thing was garbage, different buttons stopped working after 2 weeks of use. With all the talk about Razer's 2 new mice I decided to give them another go. I'll never buy anything other than Logitech mice again. The 518 combined with a fUnc 10s (14"x11", smooth) mousepad is heaven 8)
  4. excellent, i think im gonna give the G5 a try for XMAS.. I'll post on how i like it.
  5. I'm actually pissed off about both the G5 and G7..... they dumped one ofthe buttons off the thumb side. It's just one button on these. WTF?!?!?!!
    That's one of the things I love about my MX510 or the 518,,,,and they just leave it out on the laser models??? What the hell is that? I want a G5 but haven't gotten one because of it. I'd say stick with the 518 at this point.
  6. yea see that's the only thing that's got me alittle hesitant.

    im used to my Microsoft intellite and it has that extra button as well and i do use it while browsing and also for gaming.

    I guess im gonna just stick with the 518, i don't care about the super speed increase or whatever. i've survived with this old mouse for 3 yrs already.
  7. I've got the MX700 and personally love it. When I first got it and started using it, I had to use the mouse for 2 days before it would warn me that it needed recharging (though I could use it for another couple hours after that with no problems). Now it only lasts about 7, maybe 7 hours. One reason I'm looking for a replacement.

    I do hate that they dropped some of the buttons. I use both the forward / back buttons, as well as cruise control scrolling ones. It personally seems like the stupidist idea ever to get rid of the buttons. If you don't use them in a game, just disable them, or map several of them to the same function if you keep hitting the wrong one.

    I'm just wondering who they get their reviews from to justify removing the buttons, cause it doesn't seem like hardcore gamers or power users.

    That said, still want the G7 for Christmas (Not having to fight the dragging cable totally makes the wireless worth it)
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