Which CPU is better?

AMD 3200 Barton 400mhz FSB or AMD Sempron 3200 400mhz FSB? I wanna upgrade to the best of socket A, currently using an AMD 2500 Barton 333mhz FSB. MY mobo and ram accepts 400mhz.
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  1. I think that the sempron has less cache. I'd go with the Barton.
  2. Yes, the barton is the better chip.
    Are you interested in OCing at all? Of the people who have tried OCing the xp2500, 92% have been able to run them @ 3200 speeds. When you consider that some of them had boards that only support 333 fsb, and people who were trying for the first time, that is an impresive number.
    Try reading a little in the OCers forum, before you try or buy. If you have any questions, please ask.
  3. If you have a good mobo, get an Athlon XP Mobile 2500+ with a good HSF, and you will get a really good OC with it. You could probably hit 2.5GHZ with it thanks to the unlocked multiplyer.


  4. barton line is fairly old ... I'd Up myself up to the 64 line or the x2 line for some Crazy Performance.
  5. Old but affordable.
  6. Amd 64 is also affordable now.

    Barton Socket A motherboards are fastly getting out dated quick.

    AGP and IDE hds are getting extremely scarce.

    All the good stuff is SATA and PCI-E.

    I wouldn't reccomend anyone going socket A at this day and age.

    newegg as amd 64 3000+ for only 141$ that is extremely affordable.
  7. That's expensive, you forget the i'll need a brand new mobo, ditch my ide hdd(x2) and also ditch the ati x850 xt pe agp that i got three months ago.

    Considering almost nothing use 64bit and those that does doesn't run any faster than the 32bit makes it useless to get high priced 64bit for nothing.
  8. My AV8 3rd eye would be just fine with your ide drives, and that gfx card.
    You should also know that a A64 3200 is easily 15% faster than an xp3200. Since the A64 is less money usually than the xp, the board isn't that much more of a cost. It would allow some upgrade path, but realisticly, you would be in the same boat in a couple or three years.
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