need help choosing cpu/gpu blocks

iv decided to get watercooling and i need some help, for now im wondering which cpu and gpu blocks to go with

for the cpu block which would perform the best out of the maze4, swifttech apogee, swiftech storm

and for the gpu, maze4 or swiftech mcw55

or are there better? my budget is $150-200 for everything so silver blocks like the storm g5 are a bit too much

thanks in advance
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  1. apogee is the upgraded version of the 600x series for swiftech, for the most performance, i would say go w/ storm for tried and tested uber high performance

    for gpu block, i would say those two are about the same.
  2. hm would the storm have any trouble with flow or could the holes get blocked from any impurities in the water such as dust?

    i also need some help choosing a radiator and pump, im thinking of using 2 single fan radiators so they can fit inside my case between the black ice x flow and the black ice 2 pass standard verisions which would perform better, and is there a difference between the pro and xtreme versions

  3. yes, the storm's tiny jets does get clogged up, but it can be easily avoided with good care of your loop. simply use distilled water, corrosion additives, anti-algae additives and voila! be sure to change your water like every 6 months. and check up on your loop once in a while.

    as for radiators: read my sticky
  4. ah ic hm for the additives would prestone anti freeze be enough or do i need some kind of algaecide with it?

  5. you would generally want to stay away from anti-freeze as they add viscosity and reduce the heat transfer property of water. try zerex racing coolant instead
  6. A common misconception about anti-freeze is that it keeps cools water cooler at high temperatures. Antifreeze does not cool water at high temperatures, it simply increases the boiling point. The only advantage to using antifreeze is it's anti corrosive properties.

    Read here:

    Don't use it.

  7. hm ic but if i went with pure distilled wouldnt it be harmful for the loop overtime?

    is zerex different then prestone anti freeze? i thought zerex was anti freeze also

    and for the algae is iodine necessary for the loop?

    i appreciate the help
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