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I have made various threads to get help with my new system that i am building.

The specs will be:

AMD 64 3200+ (Venice Core)
Epox 9NPA+ Ultra
1GB (2x512mb) Corsair Value S. PC3200 DDR
GeForce 6800GT (PCI-E)
250GB Maxtor ATA/133 Hard drive

I am looking for a decent powersupply that will power this, I am from the UK and the prices are alot higher here from what i can see. I dont want to spend more than £65, which is about $110 i think.

I have seen this particular one on Scan, what do you think?

Does anyone recommend a better one? Preferebly from a Uk Website so that it is possible for me to order it from their.

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  1. Im not to sure on that brand.

    I know i've been reading that the newer Thermaltake PSU's have really been performing well.

    also you can't go wrong with Enermax, Antec, Fortron.

    I'd search around. Check out the 500w range for the brands i gave you.
  2. That psu would prob work fine however if it was my system I would go with a better one

    The sunbeam 550w modulars are super nice and cheap as well

  3. Fortron could be FSP Group, Fortron or Sparkle. That price range in the states will buy you a really good PSU - not as sure about pricing in the UK...
  4. From the site you linked:
    This Fortron Blue Storm 500W is the best deal I saw. :wink:
  5. The Sunbeam Modular is AWESOME, so nice having less cables.

    That PSU and that OCZ psu i know has that plug in what you need feature. You guys know any other models with this?
  6. The 500W FSP Bluestorm PSU that Rugger posted is within my price range and from a UK based website that i can order from.


    Unless anyone can suggest a better PSU from that site.

    Btw, i noticed that it does not support 'Dual Fan', i currently have a Fan on the front of my case, and the side pannel of my case (X-blade Case). Does that mean i cannot power both of these at once?
  7. Adapters or power from the mobo... :wink:
  8. Oh great, so i can power my other fan from my motherboard.
    Looks like ill get that PSU then :)

    PS. Thanks alot rugger, you have answered just about every one of my questions in all my topics :p, you have been a great help. Thanks :wink:
  9. Not a problem - glad I could help! Take your time when you do the build - read the manuals, especially mobo, and the FAQs from the CPU, Mobo, Graphics Card and Hard Drive forums before you start putting parts together. :wink: Good luck with the build!
  10. Not to forget that the brand is Sparkle Power (SPI)...as Sparkle is also another brand that makes graphics cards and so forth.
  11. True story - will be more specific next time...
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