What single core processor is dual-core 4200+ equivalent to?

I've read that the clock speed of Athlon dual core 3800+ (2.0 ghz) is equivalent to the clock speed of the athlon 3200 processor, so it is like running 2 x 3200 processors. So what single core athlon processor is the clock speed of the dual core 4200+ (2.2 ghz) equivalent to?
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  1. dual 2.2 GHz and 512k x 2 cache
  2. 3500+ for 512k cache per core
    3700+ for 1mb cache per core
  3. 3500+? thats quite a fast processor isn't it.
  4. 3500+ is actually more mid-range nowadays. 2 of them will make your system fly.
  5. k8man do you mean, 2 of them as in 2 separate 3500+ processors, or 2 of them as in a dual core 4200+?
  6. dual core, you can't have 2 3500+s on one mobo.
  7. WHAT?!

    *stops soldering*

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