Need help upgrading.

Ok i'm somewhat of a n00b when it comes to computer hardware. What i'd like to do is upgrade my pile of junk computer I own. My price limit is $400 and what I know I can take from the old PC is the hard drive I just installed the video card and the networking stuff I have. The computer was built in 1999 so it's quite dated. All I really need is the essentials and i'd like to take care of the more expensive stuff now. What I want to do is slowly upgrade it over time so the little stuff I can take care of later. If there is anything I can use from the old one to hold me over till' I can replace it is a plus.

Thank you for your help.
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  1. well #1 I don't think anyone can tell you what you can use if you don't tell us what you have lol.

    400$ is pretty limited.

    What do you do on your PC.

    i'd reccomend off the bat just going with maybe AMD 64 3000+ (141) and asus a8n or for cheaper the abit an8.

    This will upgrade you to the latest socket, and give you access for PCI-e Graphics.

    you can use your old CD roms and HD's.

    with the remaining money you would need to get a graphics card. PCI-e card. 6600GT chaintech for like 99$..

    since you only have like 400$ that's the best option i think.
  2. Well I do know i'm going to need alot of ram, around 1024 cause I do alot of stuff at the same time. My current PC is a P2 Quantex running at somewhere in the 300-400mhz (laungh all ya want, it's lasted me this long). I also do a little bit of gaming on here such as the sims, AOE and Civilization so a video card isn't really needed cause I have a good enough one at the time. I'd also prefer Intel. I'm not exactly looking at top of the line here, just quality at low cost. I really want to use as much as I can from my old computer to hold me over till' I can replace it. I don't think that i'd need a very powerful procesor probably a basic P4. Anyways thanks for helping.
  3. well #1 if you are running that rig and you are still surviving WOW excellent lol.

    amd 64 3000+, 1GB pc3200, Asus a8n, and 6600GT would seem like some futuristic performance lmfao.

    you'll be fine with the above suggestions. damn man 400mhz lol OH MY

    i thought my xp2800+ is getting a bit sluggish.

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