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guys... i head that if you wanna use 4 sticks of memory instead of 2 in any of NF4 mobo with AMD cpu u gotta loosen uo the timings... is that true...? coz im planning to upgrade my system from 1GB to 2

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  1. I think thats because most (AMD)motherboards can't run 4 sticks in Dual Channel, you'll need to adjust the Command Rate to T2 instead of T1.

    Who agrees with me.
  2. hmm.. never tried before... if that's true... then u can only run 4 sticks at single channel then? no matter how u loose up the timings and change the command rate...? :(
  3. I wrote that wrong, most Motherboards can't run 4 sticks in dual channel T1( I think one of the newer ATI based ones can). Other settings like CAS and the like should run the same with 2 or 4 sticks.
  4. The new Asus AV8-MVP runs 4 sticks DDR at 2-2-2-7 T1 and with a bit looser timings and more voltage all the way up to 315mhz!!!
    Looks like I have my xmas rig mobo selected . . .
  5. *cough*A8R MVP*cough*
  6. Thanx and another correction needed is it don't run 4 sticks at 1T, so knock about 4% off my mental overclock predicted, and it is still awesome! :lol:
  7. Completely agree! I'll never CF, but I'm probably going to end up with one for the mad OCs and price/performance... *drools* :cool:
  8. I probably won't CF either, but you never know what deals fall at your grasp within reach!
  9. A8R MVP...? hmm... is that the latest model from ASUS...? btw... thx for the info everyone ^^
  10. Anandtech did a recent review - take a look...
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