Disable test mode watermark but keep test signing enabled?

Hello! I've been using my Ps3 controller as an alternative to an Xbox 360 controller on my PC (to play games with a gamepad) but in order to use my Ps3 controller as a makeshift 360 controller, I need test signing enabled.

Unfortunately with test signing enabled I get a big ugly watermark at the bottom right of my screen, as far as I know the only way to disable this is to disable test signing, otherwise it just won't leave!
Is there any way I can get past this and somehow keep driver test signing enabled but get rid of that horrid watermark ruining my gorgeous wallpaper?

I greatly appreciate all comments!
Thankyou and take care.
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  1. On Pre-release versions of W7 you could disable the dekstop water amrkby hacking dll's, not going to perhaps break any rules so Google "remove-watermark-from-windows-7-builds".

    Now doing this may cause further issues down the line with updates etc.
  2. Great, thankyou! Worked fine.
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