SATA hardrive vs. IDE hardrive

okay search some of the forums but really coundlt find answer. simple question. Is a 8mb cache 100-200gig IDE hardrive or 8mb cache 100-200gig SATA hardrive going to give me the best bang for bucks when it comes to getting every FPS i can possibly get when it comes to gaming. Especially when my system gets a little older and im still trying to push as much out of it as possible till i build a new one.
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  1. Simple answer, either one will give you 1 FPS better than the other!!!
    Show me one drive that reads/writes over bandwidth ATA-100 spec.
  2. so in other words, it really dosnt matter, correct?
  3. Not unless the geewhiz SATAII factor adds bragging clout with your crowd. :wink:
  4. HUH?? lol
  5. no reason to go with pata when the sata drive has a similar cost, because the benefit that sata has is a thinner cable, providing better airflow, but nothing more.
    sata II is useless unless you raid-0 to high performing drives with read/write speeds beyond 150MB/s (sata150 max.)
  6. The only benefit is that you don't have to mess with jumpers and you get thinner more manageable cables.

    That's a really nice benefit though.
  7. I discovered a 4 partition limit when I installed a WD3200JD (SATA). Is this the limit on PATA drives, also? If I add a second SATA, I assume I can put 4 partitions on it, too? I have a DFI Ultra-D motherboard, if that makes any difference. Thanks.
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