Raid 0 questions from my friend.

he wants to change the motherboard + cpu + memory,
he just wondering if that gonna make changes to his raid 0 or not.
like the saving files on raid 0 still gonna be there?

thank you
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  1. There is a chance you can swap mobo's and new one using same chipset it will work fine... differnt RAID chipset, no way I see it happening.
    But I would not take any chances either way same chipset or not, that is with two full backups in preparation to be able to recover his data from at least one of them. :wink:
  2. If you backup the data on the array, probably the switch will be easily done, without any lost files. But, if you don't backup, you'll probably loose everything...

    Seriously, from past experience, as Richpls said, if you use the same controller brand, it will most of the time work. But, if you go from, let say, a Sil to a Promise, then it won't.
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