help me decide which amd based mobo to buy pls

hi peeps,

so far i have decided to buy an amd x2 dual core cpu and i and want to use my current video card, which is a sapphire R x850 xt. at first i was going to buy MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum nForce4 Ultra Athlon 64 Skt939, but i realized that it doesnt support 4 gigs of ram, only 3 gigs. so i need some help. i need a mobo that comes with firewire, supports 4 gigs of dual channel ddr 400, and runs well with my x850 xt. your help would be much appreciated thnx.
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  1. Why do you need 4Gb of RAM?! The entire 4GB won't be recognized unless you're using a 64Bit OS. Anywhoo...Epox 9NDA3+. If you can do without the firewire, then take a look at the Asrock 939Dual. For the cost savings on the mobo, you could get this Syba 64Bit Firewire card 1394a/b and have the option to upgrade with a PCIe vid card later.
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