Ok last year i built my first system.... Its main purpose was for moderate gaming use and internet and word proc etc... Here are the specs-

Asus P4P800 SE Socket 478 Intel 865PE ATX
3.0 prescott (Stock Cooling)
PNY 5500fx 128mb DDR
Sound Blaster 2ZS Gamer Edition
1 GB Kingston RAM
120 GB Western Digital IDE 7200 Drive
Sony CD-R Drive
Generic DVD Drive
Just PC Case
425 Watt Just PC PS
XP Pro
Only cost 575 dollars!

It worked fine after so initial issues caused by a bad MSI mobo... but my dad agreed to give me 200 bucks for upgrades each year... I have my eyes set on the PNY 6600gt from newegg which is only 100 bucks after rebate... but that leaves 100 left... I don't ahve any sytem fans cuz my case and power supple only cost 5 bucks together so which fans would you guys recoomend(I have 4 open slots)? Also, I want a quieter hsf for my cpu... right now i am looking at the TR2TT TR2-M12 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16835106606
Basically this year I want to
1. Upgrade my graphics card with the intent of being able to play newer games at medium to high settings at 1024x768 with aa and af at 2-4x
2. Make my computer a little quiter... definitely replace the stock intel cooler...
3. have around 50 bucks left as i plan to save for upgrades next year (Upgrade to 939 perhaps???)

I am more than welcome to any suggestions...
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  1. That much for a case and 425watt PSU! Might that be a reason your MSI died, it is called starvation! :lol: :lol:

    Might start saving up for a decent PSU soon, you might need it with the upgrade.
  2. Actually, I think my psu is quite decent. They sell them on newegg-

    what i am looking for is advice on case fans and a good/quiet/relatively cheap 478 hsf....
  3. promethias..........to i smell a hint of SG-1?
  4. sg-1... you smelled correctly :) ... i am a fan...
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