Pentium D940 + 7800GTX + 955X chipset

well basically i need some suggestions here, im about to buy a new system for myself and the major parts are as follows:

-Pentium D940 presler dualcore
-Hynix DDR|| 533 1GB x 4 so total of 4GB
-Gigabyte 7800GTX GV-NX78X256V-B
-Gigabyte intel 955x chipset GA-8I955X-Royal
-normal writer
-3 drives

now i need to find out how much power do i need for this? i have read up that in order to support this dual core CPU im getting i need a power that has:

-ATX 12V Version 2.1 (with the 8pin EPS 12V connector)

as far as i know most of the newer power supply has version 2.1 but what i wanna find out is that:

-will ATX 12V Version 2.0 (with the 4pin ATX 12V connector) work with my
system? Or is it vital that i must get the Version2.1's?

any ideas would be great :)
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  1. How about you download the motherboard manual and CPU specsheet and take a look at the power requirements.
  2. well actually i did, and according to the manual if u wish to install a C840/845 processor u should use the 8pin EPS 12V connector. But would you mind explaining to me what type of a processor is the C840/845?

    -what core?
  3. Manual
    If you look at the board diagram you will see the 8-pin power connector. Depending on the CPU, you will be required to use a PSU that has the 8-pin connector. Considering the 8-pin is required for an 840/845, it is a pretty safe assumption that it will be required for the 940. Contact Gigabyte to verify.

    7800GTX - Will this be primarily used for gaming? What other usage will require the 4GB RAM that you're installing?
  4. yeah but the confusing part about this is that, the older revisions of the mobo that first came out only had the 4pin 12V. Its only now in the latest revisions of the mobo that comes with the 8pin 12V.

    -are the Pentium D940 classified as the C840/845?

    the 7800GTX will be used for gaming yeah.
    the 4G of ram are going to be used for graphics designing, gaming..etc...

    i first thought of getting the coolermaster 450W: RS-450-ACLX
    which only has the 4pin 12V.

    But after reading up more information about the board and cpu im having 2nd thoughts as to whether 450W will be enough :(
  5. On a top-end system like you're building I would NOT skimp on the PSU. $200 for the mobo, $400 for RAM, $500 on GPU - do yourself a favor and spend $169 on the Thermaltake Silent Purepower 680W. Yes, it is more PSU than you need. Yes, you'll be happy to use it on your next build....
  6. i use a pentium 4 processor with HT support (not dual core) . Does it require only one +12V supply or 2x+12V ?
  7. If you're asking whether or not you need to have a PSU with dual (Split is the better term) 12V rails (12V1 and 12V2), then the answer is either should work. You just need to verify that the PSU you use has the power connections that are required from by motherboard. Read your manual to find the connections and make sure the PSU you get has those connections.
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