having a problem with my pc

I turned on my computer for the first time and it starts to load up then it restarts itself and won't finish loading what would cause this?
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  1. over heated CPU.

    Check your CPU paste and all that good stuff. Take off the HSF.

    also maybe Power supply.

    I'd check the CPU thing out first.
  2. sorry about the email didn't see the reply button well the temp said 44c/ 111f I did not think that was too bad but will check the cpu again.
  3. Is this a new build? First time to power it up or has it been running fine for a time? Have you done anything recently - any upgrades/updates to the rig? What are your system specs? Be specific - mfr/model. 44C at idle or under full load? That could be high or low - depends on the circumstances and the CPU.
  4. the computer is a new build that I just fired up. The specs are Biostar NF325-A7 with An AMD 3400+ Socket 754, I have a 256mb 9600 XT graphics card, 512 mb pc2700 ddr memory stick.
  5. That's high for a skt 754 at idle - especially since your FSB is probably running at 333 because of the RAM you have in the rig. You can verify the speeds of RAM/CPU with CPU-Z.
  6. well what is the best way to apply thermal paste cause I have applied it a few time and each time was a little different and the results are the same. links to pics would be helpful also. I thought it might be the power supply, but borrowed one from a from and that was not it. Thank you for helping me.
  7. First try opening the side of the case and see how that affects your temps.
  8. when I checked it the side was off and did not help any.
  9. When i apply thermal paste, I apply some to the middle of the die and then use a credit card to evenly spread it on top of the die. Read your mobo/cpu manual for specific instructions. If you've already reapplied, then did you remove the old paste with 99 percent rubbing alcohol before reapplying? Off the HSF and CPU...
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