Optical Drives, Nero, & Dual-cores

Since getting my new dual-core machine, I've been finding the burning DVDs with nero has been a hit and miss affair. Mostly, on more than 50% of the times I try to burn a DVD, the lead-in time takes forever (we're talking 15+ minutes here). this is happening both with Nero 6.6.014 and 7.0.12. Burner is an LG GSA-4163B.

Anyone else heard problems like these, or got sme solutions to try?
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  1. You must not relise it yet but you are in the Optical Storages, so no one can hear you, except me. Try downloading DVD Shrink. I'm pretty sure it burns them too, I've used it though.
  2. Try updating the firmware. Theres been a few revisions since the LG GSA-4163B came out. Good burner BTW.
  3. Ya, I know that no-on can hear me, but I dind't think it would be nice to bother people elsewhere :P

    As for the firmware, it was the first thing I did when I discovered the problem. Didn't fix anything. I've seen a couple reports (but not many) about the same problem with Nero, but other drives, so it seems to be a software problem, and not a hardware one. My best guess is that there's a driver conflict somewhere.
  4. Oh well. Perhaps something other then nero might get the job done or setting the process affinity to one core.

    Other then that I got nothing.
  5. Well, I did a clean install on a new partition, only this time I didn't install the nVidia IDE SW Controller drivers. Haven't highly tested it so far, but it seems that those drivers could have been my problem.

    Has anyone else seen this problem?
  6. Don't tell me...my Toshiba RD5372 either asks all the time for empty disk, and doesn't react on anything (and I use Dysan/Verbatim/TDK, not cheap crap). Or now, with nero 7 it takes 20 minutes to burn 4,7 gb.
    Though it burns CDs without a problem
    And yes, I have newest firmware and newest chipset drivers)

    But still, I'm going to get rid of that Toshiba it's lousy, slow, error correction couldn't be worse. I just feel like using Lite-on...I want Asus burner (wanted to go for Plextor, but they use now BenQ optic stuff, so it's big NO for me :P)
  7. Test Post.
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