300W PSU ????

A64 3200+
2 x 512MB Transcend 400Mhz
Gigabyte MB K8N - SLI
Hitachi 250 GB SATA2 HD
DVD-RW Gigabyte
Sparkle 6600 GT 128
1 system fan.

Will a 300W PSU be enough for the above setup?
I know it wont be enough once I get a second 6600GT for SLI, but right now my budget is very tight.
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  1. Really it will draw less than 300 watts, but you should have a bang up quality 300 watt PSU that puts out 300 watts stably.
    Best bet is to go with a 400 or 430 watt, like Antec TruePower 430, that way you will have quality and room to grow.
  2. I will get a 300W PSU with the case I buy. So to chuck that out and get a separate PSU will cost a bit more than the difference between a 300W and a 400W PSU.

    It is a Chenbro Gaming Bomb Case.

    Also, I vaguely remember reading that P4 needs 24 pin PSU, while AMD needs only 20 pin. The difference is about 25% in price.
  3. My P4 Prescott 3200 uses a 20-pin. [/shrugs]
  4. If the PSU is the same one as in this xbit review of the case http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/other/display/chenbro_6.html, then you'll be fine.

    The review unit came with a Fortron Source PSU. May even be good enough to power you when you get your 2nd GPU. Though at 300w, that's pushing it a bit... if it was 350 however...

    20 pin/24 pin - doesn't matter much. You can get an adapter either way if you need to.

  5. Maybe. What PSU? (mfr and model) How many amps on the 12V Rail?
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